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Welcome to Lenovo Deal Registration for Public Sector and Enterprise Accounts

Lenovo is committed to rewarding our partners for developing new sales opportunities. To help protect your presales investments Lenovo is implementing Deal Registration for Public Sector and Enterprise Accounts. (>1000 Employees)

  • Lenovo’s Deal Registration Program enables all partners to identify new acquisition opportunities, or submit for deal registration approval for specific projects  which you are actively working. Describe your pre-sales efforts and/or marketing efforts supporting that you/your business is the lead partner in this opportunity. The approval process will route your submission to the Lenovo End User Account Manager for review.
  • Once a submitted deal is approved, the sales opportunity will be protected. Lenovo understands the effort required by you/your business in acquiring new business, or to increasing share of wallet by expanding Lenovo’s lines of business in existing accounts. Upon approval, The deal registration recognizes, and protects your efforts.
  • Deal Registration is available to all authorized and registered partners.  To become a registered partner click here

Lenovo Authorized Partners

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Opportunity at an account with under 1000 Employees?

If yes, then take advantage of Lenovo's new customer acquisition bonus program (NCB). For more information, visit our Partner Programs page


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